Content can mean different things, in this day of content marketing and digital marketing, there are many options. Essentially – we help with text and photos and where you put them.

Website Content

If I asked you to sit down and write about yourself or your company and come up with three hundred words, you think it’d be easy, right? Nine times out of ten, no. How do you start? What do people want to read? What are search engine effective words?
We can interview in person or by phone. We can arrange a photographer for shots of your company, building, fleet, management, staff, process, products – whatever you need to explain, introduce or show off.

Website Content Management

Do you have a website that never gets updated? Either you don’t have the time or you’re not logging into it enough to remember how to do it. We create content management diaries for you. We update your website with the necessary changes you require. Send us the changes as required and we’ll get it done for you.


What on earth do you write about… we have a method and it works. It’s not enough to just harp on about what you do or sell, you need to connect with your audience – like I am with you now. Take for example a property manager in West Auckland, an ideal story for him would be about a woman who got stuck in a chimney by trying to break in and surprise a guy that she had met online. It’s quirky, interesting and links through to his services… the chimney had to be fixed. It’s also a story that’s already written and has photos.

We want content that introduces you or your team members personally. When a customer feels like they know you personally, they create a sense of loyalty to you. Our aim is to bring out your company’s qualities, personality and differences. It’s where our talent shines the most. Finding a way to make what you do interesting to all people, expanding your client base and making your marketing work for you.

You can have as much involvement as you like. If you are a writer or have one in your team, then you can supply articles for us to use. If you want to have input but don’t have the time, then we can meet your halfway – or if you prefer, we can write complete articles for you to approve.

We can set up templates for your newsletter that tie in with your company branding and teach your staff how to use them, or we can manage them for you.

Frequency is also key, how often would be too often and become annoying, or too far between and your potential clients could lose interest. We offer various time periods and we make sure it happens when it should.

Fresh information is something that Google loves. They are constantly changing the rules for search engine optimisation so that content is truly king. Creating articles for newsletters is the ideal way of doing this. Our ideal situation is to be the article in full on your website, then a snippet of the article in the newsletter. This way, the reader has to click to read it in full – it provides an insight to what your readers want to read and directs more traffic to your website.

Social Media

We take snippets of articles from your news and post them onto your social media channels. If you’re not sure which channel you should be using for your business, then we help you analyse your type of client and then which channel attracts that type of client.

How do you know it’s working? One way is to set up the ability for people to sign up for your company newsletter. If your database grows, you know it’s working.

However, posting content is not necessarily an overnight success – it usually adds to your existing profile because you are seen more often and therefore, more likely thought of as a leader in your area of expertise.

We only perform natural content posting. If you are interested in advertising or ‘boosting’ then we can put you in touch with the relevant experts.