Graphic Design

We design business cards, letterheads, templates, email signatures, brochures, profiles, flyers, posters, packaging, newsletter templates – whatever it is that you need your logo on, we will provide.

Creativity is fun – it’s thinking outside the square to grab people’s attention. We can provide ‘standard’ or we can get our thinking caps on and create a clever attraction.
When logos aren’t designed properly they can cause problems when displayed on websites or produce undesired results in printed materials. Not only does an unprofessional logo design look bad, it’s an overall reflection of the quality of work your company offers. Potential customers may take this as a signal and look elsewhere i.e. your competitors with a more appealing, up-to-date, and attractive looking identity.
You can use a printing company of your choice and we’ll provide you with print-ready files, or you can make use of our printers who provide us with quality work at good prices.

Brands and Logos – New or Refreshed

A brand is the identity of a specific product, service, or business. A brand can take many forms, including a name, sign, symbol, colour combination or slogan. The word brand began simply to tell one person’s cattle from another by means of a hot iron stamp.

Is a brand a logo? We don’t think so… a logo can turn into a brand eventually but we don’t believe it starts out as a brand. To us a logo is the simple, clip-art style where you just need a look to represent your business or product and you usually put it on everything – stationery, cards, website, etc.

A brand is more of a personality and requires more information to consider such as; who your audience is and what would attract them, who your competitors are and how to achieve longevity in the market. It is also in the way that it’s presented – your brand is the experience people have when they meet you or your business.

Think of it this way, a logo all by itself is just a graphic element with a name. A brand is the communications strategy that helps you talk about your passion and expertise. When combined, they help you effectively and efficiently reach your audience.

We will discuss colours, symbol ideas and tag-lines to create a brief. Concepts are created based on this brief. We can also go a step further and add research to the project – who is your ideal client and what would they be attracted to? Comparisons to competitors or leaders or perhaps even a focus group to discuss the concepts.

If you are considering a refresh of your brand, we can retain the value and strength. We can also delve deeper and find out how your current client base identify with it – after all, not everyone likes change and some hand-holding may be required to get everyone on board.

Brand Bibles or Brand Guidelines are common when introducing a new look. We put together a document for print and electronic distribution that provides rules and guides when using the new brand.

All finished logo and brand work are converted to various file formats for all possible uses such as sign writing, printing, software or online uses. You will also be supplied with a PDF document which has colour breakdowns (CMYK, RGB, Hexcode and Pantone Spots) and shows how the logo is to be used on a black background, white background and how you can use it in one colour (usually black).