Website Design & Development

If you need a website, we think there are three key ingredients…

  • Open Source – own what you pay for
  • Great Design – design that suits your company
  • Easily Updateable – content management

The first ingredient – open source – means that you own what you pay for. There are two kinds of websites, open source and proprietary. Proprietary is where the developer owns the framework. It might still be a content management system (CMS) where you can login and make changes to the content, but you will find that if you want to host elsewhere that you can’t take that login part with you. Open source means that you’re not locked in to any one developer, you can take your website and move – which is especially important should anything happen to your developer such as an overseas experience, taking another job, liquidation or worst, illness/death, you don’t have to find that investment all over again.

Great design can be a matter of opinion, just like art. What one person finds amazing, another might think is cluttered or dull. We like to figure out two things; what you like and what your target market likes – then we match them up and create something that you are proud of and that attracts you more clients. Website designs should last three to five years, then they will need updating or refreshing – just like fashion, design changes over time and what you once found attractive might only bore you later.

It used to be enough to just get a website up and running, something so that if someone searched for you in Google they would find you. Then birthed the age of search engine optimisation (SEO) which has become its own business. We offer the basics and we partner with an excellent SEO company if you want to see results.

Content is another way that can help with your search engine rankings. We create content for your website and keep it up to date – click here to read more about these services.

Website Management

You probably don’t login into your website that often to update things, so when you do, it’s a hassle trying to find your login details and then how to change things without breaking anything. We provide a time-sheet service where you send us the changes you want made via email and we perform them for you. We record the time taken and bill when it gets to an hour.

Website Hosting

We connect you to a provider for hosting services who gives a great industry rate – but first you need to make sure you can pick up your website files and move them over to us. We don’t charge security separately and believe it to be a part of standard hosting services.

Security Certificates are the next big thing – Google is trying to ensure safer spending for everyone. We can organise for your SSL Certificate if we host your website.